Monday, January 23, 2012

Day One

So today was my first day of student teaching! It doesn't feel any different than any other day of when I would volunteer, but it will when I go back tomorrow and for the rest of the week!
I woke up at 5am in a panic that I had overslept, but thankfully I didn't and had another hour and a half to sleep. I then got up, had breakfast, and got to school really early.. ops. So I went around the block once and was there when I needed to be.
It started as a usual day, it was very interesting as I carried my balance ball into the school. I am using a balance ball as my chair at my table, shake things up a little and work on my core (: The students noticed it right away and thought "are we doing yoga?" Oh how I love them, and I was shocked that they associated the ball to yoga! My munchkins are so smart!!
Today we had a student mainstream from ELL into our classroom full time (he has been in the classroom just for math), and we got a NEW STUDENT! Talk about a crazy first day!
I wrote the math message, observed the guided reading, and the students had a district writing prompt.  Today we started the Non-Fiction unit. Next week I take over for word study and start doing more conferences for reading and writing. I was after school until 4:30, and once I got home and had dinner, I passed out! My legs are tired from standing all day, this is something I will have to get use to..
When I was after school, I took down a lot of the artifacts around the room, making it look very dull ): oh well, more fun posters that I get to put up and projects for the students to create (:
Well off to bed, it is raining and i hope there isn't too much ice in the morning...

"When was the last time, you did something for the first time?"

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