Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Final Project Reflection

Overall, I am happy with how my project has come out. I have 3 stand alone audio clips, I created them in youtube so I could easily post them on the blog. I had played around with embedded players, but my files were .m4p not .mp3 so it could not work. 

The flag video I am very happy about, I loved using my students and getting to know them better when they were expressing where they were born and where their families are from. I am upset that when exporting it to youtube it messed up the timing. But I will continue to tinker with the process of importing it to see if I can get the timing right.

The gingerbread video,was very fun to film with Jasmine. She was very excited to do the project and understood the concept of the video and wanted to show new students the different aspects of the school. I had a lot issues with imovie and this project. 

Enjoyed this project, even with all the extra time and effort it took to go between two different schools.

Gingerbread Man Has Lost His Friend Tutorial Video

What is a Symbol? Instructional Video

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Project Update

So I have done all of my audio recordings for the standalone audio I have also completed videotaping of the students for both the videos. I still have to video taping for the floor plan of the gingerbread man. I completed all the taping with my iPhone and hope that everything came out well enough to put it all together. The audio was done with my Mac so I am more hopeful with the quality. 

This project will take up a good chunk of editing and making it all flow together. For the next week or so Keynotes, iMovie, and Garageband will be my BEST FRIENDS! 

I think I will start with the audio and see how it goes.
Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Audio Recording

On Thursday I went to do my first recording of the wordless readers being read by Samantha. It went really well. I still have to work on it and make sure that what I have recorded will work. I need to plan to go back and record with another student. 

I am working on making my gingerbread man for my video, and getting all the countries that my students are from to create the symbol lesson.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project Proposal

one video-based presentation that is focused on instruction—showing students the how to or the why
            I will create a video showing the students around the school. The theme will be that there is a gingerbread man and he is loose around the school and we need to find where he has gone. The video will be of the gingerbread man visiting all the key areas of the school, Ex: main office, the principal, nurse, gym, library, cafeteria, etc.
            This video can be used for the school when a new student comes so they can get orientated with the school. This shows the “how to” of the school in a fun and exciting way so a new student isn’t intimidated.

one video-based presentation that is informational, one that would deliver content to students (ex: information about a theme, concept, etc.)
            I will create a video about Flags. I will discuss the reasons for flags and what they symbolize. Historical facts about flags, different countries, and defining the word symbolism, will be the “Big Idea” of the video. I will have each of the students in the class tell where they are from and hold up their flag. There will be information about their country and maps shown. This is very helpful in an English Language Learners classroom to promote unity and diversity.

one stand-alone audio presentation (a podcast, a reading or recitation, interview)
            I will have wordless readers read by a student. A wordless reader is a picture book with little to no words. The story can be different for every person who reads a wordless reader. This will be used in the classroom at the listening & reading station. Students can listen to a story told by their own classmates.

one built-in audio presentation (built into one of the videos—voiceover/narration)
            The built-in audio will go with the informational video about Flags. The students will say what countries they come from that will go along with their flags. There will also be music that is from the countries that will be highlighted in the presentation.